Life Is An Inside Job

Life Is An Inside Job

“Remember, the entrance door to the sanctuary is inside you.”  –  Rumi


I came across this quote from the ancient writer Rumi. Quotes are a good place to start a thought, an idea, a truth, a remembrance.

How often do we want happiness to come from that special person? Or from the children being really good? Or from getting a promotion at work? Or getting that bigger house or better car or you name it? From something out there?

How often do we think love comes from those things also? What about peace or joy, where do we as a society and culture look? Are we looking outside of ourselves for the feelings and the things in life?

We don’t have to look far to see that we can have what we want at the next sale. Anywhere from our favorite grocery store to the big box stores, to the small shop down the street, the car dealer in town, or your favorite on-line store. Everyone is trying to sell you something to make you happy.

The ads during the Super Bowl each February are more watched than some of the game. They have poured a lot of money into those ads in hopes of a big return. They want you to buy happiness, peace, and joy.

I don’t need to tell you how many ad can be seen in just a few hours of television, all the one day sales, the early bird sales, the holiday sales, the pre-holiday sales months before, the back to school sales, and more. Let’s not forget the ads for a single product, be it soap, cars, clothes, vacations, medications, all the things you just can’t live without.

They make it seem like if we have all these things, we will be happy. Life will be easier. We’ll find what we’re looking for. We find peace.

I’m not saying that when I got my new car a year ago, I wasn’t happy. I was for sure. But the reason wasn’t because I had a new car. It was because my old van was dying and the cost of fixing it outweighed the cost of a new one. I was happy to know I wouldn’t be left on the side of the road somewhere. It was the feeling of safety that I was happy about.

What does your sanctuary look like? Is it a place? Is it being with a particular person? Is it doing some activity? Is it finishing some task? Is it just being?

For me, it’s finding that place of peace inside of me. I’ve found that while working in my mill, which was meditative to me. I’ve found it on top of a mountain as I stood looking over the valley far below and the sky above me. I’ve found it in my meditation time each day. I have found it talking to my prayer partner on the phone while looking out the window at the trees. I have found it talking to a dear friend while walking.

These are also the things that make me happy. It’s an inside job. It’s not really about the outside world, even while doing those outside activities. It’s about finding that place of peace inside of me.

One Sunday afternoon several years ago, I was in the mill doing some maintenance on the carding machine, we had named her Stella. It was quiet, and I wanted to be ready for the work week. Tearing Stella down to clean all the rollers was no big deal, I did it regularly. As I’ve said, working out there was meditative, so not a problem to work on Sunday. Now, you need to know that this is not an easy job. It takes several tools and good amount of muscle for some of the rollers (there are 4 sets of 2). These rollers are iron and steel, about 3 feet long with fittings and more on each end. Many of them are over my head, so I’m on a step stool for all of them. They are not light by any stretch of the imagination and you can only get to one end at a time.

The front ones are particularly difficult to clean and you must raise the upper one that you don’t have to clean to get to the lower one that is a must to clean. All was going well, I was on the second side of the lower front roller, I had it all cleaned out and was putting it back together. You have to hold the upper roller up then drop it into the slot in the right direction or you get to do it again. Well, it went in just perfectly, only my right index finger was under it at the time, smashing it between two pieces of steel.

It hurt badly, I was crying instantly, but the finger was not going to come out easily. As I said, I was alone. I have to get it out myself. Very carefully I lifted the upper roller with one hand, pulled out my finger, then dropped the roller back in the slot.

My finger was a mess, Already bruising and very blue. I got off the step stool and went to sit on a bench holding my finger with my left hand. I felt queasy and weak. My mind was racing, what can I do? What can I do? My housemate wasn’t home. I could not even stop crying long enough to call someone.

I knew I’d have to take care of this myself. I continued to hold my finger. I took as deep a breath as I could and started to sing. Not very loud or well, but the song came out. Now that might seem like a strange thing to do, but there are a couple of songs that I sing while doing energy work and meditation that help me focus the energy, so I sang. Over and over again I sang my short song until I could breathe again. The energy was flowing, the pain was fading a little at a time.

I was able to go to the sink and wash my hands that were covered with grease. Then I went to the house and made a call and a text to some energy healing friends.

Later that day, a young friend stopped to visit. When I opened the door, she said, “You look awful.”

I showed her my finger which still hurt, just not as badly and I could not move it. I told her, “I had been running energy on it,” which she thought was crazy since she thought I needed a doctor.

That evening I could move the finger and went to bed with very little pain. In the morning it was stiff until I got it moving, and the pain was low. It looked pretty good, bruised, but good. I and my friends continued to run energy during the day. I thought I would lose the fingernail.

When I saw this young friend again on Tuesday, she was amazed. The redness was completely gone. I could move it almost normally, the nail was black, but otherwise it was good. I never lost the fingernail. She then became a believer in energy healing.

So what has my story have to do with to ‘the sanctuary is inside you’ and’ life is an inside job’? I healed myself, yes with help, but by first going to my place of calm. My song. My sanctuary. My place where light, love, peace, and joy live.

Some hurts are harder to heal, I’ve found. The emotional ones seem to run in the head and take longer to calm, but in time they too surrender into the sanctuary of our soul. Our sanctuary is where the inside job happens.