Do What You Have Never Done

Do What You Have Never Done

“To have what you have never had do what you have never done.”

This quote came to me as a refrigerator magnet sometime around 2000 to 2001. It was after I had beat cancer and I wanted something different in my life other than the job I had. I wanted an occupation to engage my mind and hands in a way I enjoyed. I wanted to love what I did.

This quote has been part of my life ever since I found it and it spoke to me, but it really was already a way of life before getting it. Maybe that is why it did speak to me plus wanting a new start.

This quote goes right along with another, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.”

If you want different results, you must do something different. If you want something, you may have to find a new way to get there.

I don’t know when I became aware of these ideas, but it was early on. If something I was trying didn’t work then I changed it a bit and tried again. I guess the mathematician and scientist in me were inborn traits.

I remember a couple of days we, myself and younger sister and brother, stayed with some cousins while my parents were arranging my grandmother’s funeral. I had just turned 12 years old and the cousins were about 4 and 6 year old boys, so they had neat toys. They had this really cool rickshaw that sparked my inventive nature.  The biggest question was other than having someone pull it (which everyone was smaller than I was), could I find a way to ride and drive it myself. There were a couple of tricycles in the garage and they lived on a very shallow grade of a hill. Ideas were flying. I rigged a tricycle to the rickshaw with ropes then had a couple of then tied to the handlebars to steer with. It took several tries, but I could then walk my weird contraption up the hill and ride it back down, steering it right into the driveway. I had to stop when I started giving the children rides. Ok, safety wasn’t high on the priority list, I was only 12.

I guess that is what is called “the mother of invention.” When you find a way to make something or do something to get the job done without the proper tools or education or knowhow. Every invention, everything we use, was someone trying something different.

As a fiber artist, there have been many times that I’ve found interesting ways to get what I needed done without the proper tools. The loom I built is a good example of that. I wanted a loom and we didn’t have much extra money, so I built it. The first warp (the threads that go on the loom) I measured out was wrapped around 3 of the 4 post on my short 4 poster bed. My daughter and I had fun that day tossing the yarn ball back and forth across the bed. There have been many other things like this.

I remember even before the loom, I built my daughter a cradle for her stuffed animals. I was outside trimming the end pieces with a jigsaw when the UPS lady drove in. I’d known her for some time, she not only delivered to the house but also at the office I worked at sometimes. She was awed that I was building a cradle. I also build some child size chairs, desks, and many other things.

By the time the magnet came to me I had been doing exactly that. When I started working on starting a fiber mill (see under “About Me” and Manifesting a Big Dream), there were many turns on the path that led nowhere so I tried something else. After the mill had been up many years and I had employees, they would come up with ideas to make the process easier or faster. I was very open to their ideas. We tried them and if they worked, we continued using it, if not we went back to what we had been doing.

I have used this idea from the quote not only with tools, processes, and manifesting, but it also works with what I eat, my relationships, and my, well, whole life.

With eating, it works since I have found that many of the things I ingest just make me feel sick, or tired, or moody, or sometimes several of these all together. Grapes will put me to sleep, so not a good travel food if I’m driving. Some vitamins that have me running to the bathroom within hours. Sugar makes my brain go crazy. When I eat raw almonds, my joints hurt. With some trial and error, I have found then eliminated these things. I can then return to a healthy me which is what I want.

With relationships, if I want a friend, I cannot ignore people. I cannot behave as a loner would, which I’m very capable of doing. I have to reach out and say something, like “Hi.” If I want something different, I have to change what I do, feel, and say then act.

If you really want something different, you have to change what you are doing. Not everything at once, some of those things maybe just fine, but something, then maybe something else, and then maybe something else, until you have what you want.

I think life is about trying things out, see how they fit, and making adjustments along the way. Nothing stays the same. The world is changing every day in so many ways. We are changing in many ways every day too. The old ways just don’t work, so try something new.

To have what you have never had do what you have never done.