My Daughters

My Daughters

Two daughters have I.

In many ways

They are as different as night and day.

But they are the same

in the most important ones.


My daughters have become incredible women. They have created their own visions for life and reached for and surpassed those visions many times over.

Back in the 70’s, singer/song writer Carole King had a song called “Child of Mine.” It has come to me many times as I watched my children and their friends (several still call me Mom) growing into the wonderful adults they have all become. The talents and gifts they share are amazing.

Last week, when I was feeling down, my older daughter, Rachel, sent me a text to brighten my spirits. I’m going to quote part of it here, “You have run several successful business, momed excellently, been a well-respected teacher in a number of venues, extended the quality and life for 4 leggeds, and inspired and served countless in your various volunteer efforts.  … Sure there are bumps, but seriously, you are pretty amazing. And this is not nearly a full list of your above average achievements.”

This week, Rachel wrote her own blog on her Church’s webs site. She mentions her father and me, that we helped her friends. That is just what you do she stated, help others.

How my daughters are alike is they both have hearts of gold. They are willing to, and if able will, help others in all kinds of situations, friends and strangers alike. They stand for what is just in the world. They support those that are in the minority and those being bullied. They care for the planet and do their part to make it a better place.

They volunteer at church, at the soup kitchen, at the community garden, for Special Olympics and other organizations they believe in. They walked in the Women’s March this past January and several others over the years. They are part of their community and making a difference.

They loved doing “Free Hugs” on the corner in downtown Kansas City, it was every Black Friday after Thanksgiving and they did it to celebrate their father’s first birthday after he passed.

They are not afraid of tools and know how to use them, both the kitchen and household kind and the wood shop kind. Some of their creations are amazing. Christmas gifts often involve some kind of tool for the shop.

They are not afraid to get dirty. They helped me on the farm build fences, build a barn, chop and stack wood, and even helped lay a new drain field. Not to mention years of helping with the gardening, stacking hay, removing rocks, and laying pavers to add to their list.

They love growing things, like plants and animals and friendships.

They know what is important in life, family, friends, their community, the world. And most of all taking care of themselves.

How they are different is as long a list as how they are alike.

My younger daughter, Mary Ellen, is, let’s see if I can put it into one word. PINK!!!!!! She loves all things pink. Her bedroom is a testament to her creativity in pink items. She is my girly girl. She played with dolls as a child. She loves sparkles on everything. She loves pet sitting and animals. Mary Ellen has taught many people Sign Language since she is deaf. She has also taught many about the deaf community and culture just by her gentle presents and willingness to help others understand. She is also a strong supporter of the ADA and making sure there is access. She loves Special Olympics and winning is great, but supporting her team members is even better.

Rachel’s one word is amazing. Even as a child, she volunteered next to her father and me. As a teen she stood beside her gay friends to support them, she walked her talk of truth. She helped organize and start young adult groups in several churches and regions, she put herself through school to become a Unity Minister and is now serving in Anchorage Alaska. She has been and continues to be an awesome older sister. And the many things she makes out of discarded pallets are incredible. She really loves her power tools.

When the three of us are together, we are a pretty powerful trio. The ideas fly, things get done, we have lots of fun, and enjoy being together.

I guess I feel that I’m a blessed mother. And I am. I’ve been blessed to see them move from being children, to teenagers and all the growing pains of that time, to becoming young adults finding their way, to finally be the amazing women they have become. Each in their own ways.

It has been a journey that I’ve very happy to have been on. I pray I may have many more decades of watching them change the world.

Two daughters have I. And it is good.



I leave you with the words to the Carole King song:

Child of Mine

Although you see the world, Different from me,

Sometimes I can touch upon, The wonders that you see.

All the new colors, And pictures you’ve designed.

Oh, yes sweet darling,

So glad you are a child of mine,


Child of mine, Child of mine,

Oh, yes sweet darling, So glad you are a child of mine.


You don’t need directions. You know which way to go

And I don’t want to hold you back, I just want to watch you grow.

You’re the one who taught me, You don’t have to look behind.

Oh, yes sweet darling, So glad you are a child of mine,


Child of mine, Child of mine,

Oh, yes sweet darling, So glad you are a child of mine.


Nobody’s gonna kill your dreams. Or tell you how to live your life.

There’ll always be people to make it hard for a while

But you’ll change their heads when they see you smile.


The times you were born in, May not have been the best,

But you can make the times to come, Better than the rest,

I know you will be honest, If you can’t always be kind,

Oh, yes sweet darling, So glad you are a child of mine,


Child of mine, Child of mine,

Oh, yes sweet darling, So glad you are a child of mine.