And the Rain Came Pouring Down

As I was sitting, meditating this morning, the rain was beating on the window with each large gust of wind. I could hear the pounding on the porch roof outside my window. I could hear the wind chimes on the other side of the house.

I am very grateful for the rain on this Thanksgiving Day. Our well has been dry. We have two storage tanks, so we’ve had water, but they were not refilling. That has changed, and the well is producing again after two days of rain.

As I sat there watching the rain after meditation, I was remembering a Thanksgiving Day from about 36 years ago. We were having friends over, a family of eight. I had the turkey in the oven, had baked the yams the day before along with the pies, and was working on all the fixings.

Why that Thanksgiving? Because it was raining and windy just like today. So windy that the power went out. Not just at our house, but just about everywhere in the whole county and beyond.

We already had a fire going in our wood stove, so I wasn’t worried about heat and if need be, I could cook on the stove. I’d done it before, just not this big of a dinner.  But why worry, the power would come back on soon.

After about an hour, our friends called, it was just too dangerous to travel besides the ferry wasn’t running and it would be a very long drive to come across the bridge. I agreed, so they went home.

So, it was just the three of us. The turkey was doing well in the warm oven, so I had left it there. I put a pot of water on the stove with the potatoes, which had already been cut. Also got a pan out to warm up the yams.

By the time the food was cooked, I pulled the turkey out of the oven and cut some off and warmed it more on the stove.

Sometimes you just have to be a pioneer and creative.

We had a great meal by candle light.

The power was back on by Saturday morning. And the stories we heard at church on Sunday. All the creative ways people got their Thanksgiving dinner cooked, from getting out the barbeque to cooking it in their RV.

It reminds me of many other times I’ve cooked on the wood stoves we’ve had in different houses. Also, why I always insisted we have one. Some have been better than others, but at least we had heat and warm food.

A good memory from a raining, stormy morning.