About Me: Star Castle Fiber Mill

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My husband, Ken Simpson, passed away in December 2012.

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All of my life I has had textile work around her. I does not remember learning to sew, or knit, or crochet – these were learned at a very young age. In 1985, I met a woman who had sheep and taught weaving and spinning in her home. I quickly signed up for classes and has never looked back (it was fast forward from there). I joined the local spinning and weaving guild, then starting giving classes in weaving, where I learned about camelids. After meeting my first alpaca in early 2002, I was hooked!

Both (Barbara and Ken) of us have mechanical aptitude and skills. My Dad always had a willing helper as he worked on cars, did woodworking, and did all the other house repair projects. I learned well and even built her own 8-harness floor loom from scratch. Ken comes from a long line of “Yankee Inventors”. Our combined skills have come in real handy in fixing machines and creating innovations to improve them, not to mention building the Mill ourselves.

The first Mill was located in Silverdale, Washington on our 2.3 acre “farm”. Needing more space for mill and alpacas, and a lifelong desire to live near the ocean, in November 2007 we moved household, alpacas (six of them), mill machines, us plus a daughter and dog to Coquille, Oregon. We now have a little bigger mill that we can expand over time, a beautiful home, and 6 acres in which to create pasture and our farm. We are also just 18 miles to the ocean (closer if I could fly).