Welcome to all my Creativity

Welcome to all my Creativity

Hi and welcome to my website, Barbara Unlimited,

Why unlimited?

Because my creativity is unencumbered, untethered, untamable, unbounded, unwavering, uncaged, unmistakable, undeniable, uncontainable, unstoppable,  uncharted, unceasing, unearthed, unchecked, unshakable, unconcealed, unshaped, unconfined, unexamined, undisciplined, unconquered, uncontrollable, undiscovered, unformed, unstitched, unrestrained, and always unending.

It is unfolding each moment and it is fearless, free, healing, healthy, and imaginative, therefore it is unlimited.

On my site you will find blogs, stories, chapters from my book and those to come, photos, fiber arts of all kinds, classes I’m teaching, and who knows what else that spirit will whisper in my ear to create.

Some of the items will be old, blogs from my old web site, old stories I wrote long ago, photos from my youth while I create new items to share. Many, I’m sure, I’ve not imagined yet.

I’m a writer, speaker, Infinite Possibilities Trainer, fiber artist, designer, photographer, builder of all sorts of things, inventor, healer, Prayer Chaplin, teacher of many things, and much more.

I’m excited to be on this adventure of discovery of mind, body, and spirit.

So I invite you to like me on Facebook or get on my email list and I’ll post something there when I’ve added to the web site.

So welcome to my home in cyberspace and welcome aboard this creative journey,

Barbara aka Dancing Deer